Dadu is one of the worst affected districts of Sindh during 2010 floods, specially the city Khairpur Nathan Shah (KN Shah) which remained is submerged even several month after the floods. The super flood has devastated the basic infrastructure of the KN Shah city, and as a result there as debries, heaps of waste, dead animals, broken sewage drainage network etc all around. Simply environmental situations of city is disastrous.

Under the auspicious of UNDP Mashriq Foundation  has started project on “Waste Management” in K.N Shah . The duration of this project is six (6) months. Mashriq Foundation is one of the leading organization with “Waste Management”.

Project Objectives:

Main objective of the Project is to completely clean the city from standing stagnant water, removal of debris, dead animals, household solid waste, restore city’s internal sewage network such that it starts functioning  pre -flood time as minimum.

Mashriq Foundation will also construct landfill and incinerators in KN Shah for the disposal of non hazardous and hazardous waste basis on sustainable basis .

For Contact Us:

Agha Aurangzeb (Project Manager)

Phone No. 0254720113

Cell No. 0332-2601989


Key Project Activities:

City Clean Plan

Removal of Stagnant Flood Water

Removal of Debris Disposal

Disposal of Dead Animals

Fumigation of KN Shah City

Landfill for Non Hazardous Waste

Incinerator for Hazardous Waste

Repair and Reconstruction of City’s Drains

Capacity Building of TMA KN Shah on WM